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About Us


Seth Mungherera (94) at his home in 2019. His life inspired Dr Jennifer Njenga and her friend Angela Gachanja to start CHG.

“Thank you for loving me and looking after me in my own home.”

Our Story

CHG was founded in 2020 by Dr. Jennifer Njenga and Angela Gachanja, a Registered Nurse, with a vision to provide access to health care in the comfort of your home utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.

The vision came about not only because of their professional years of experience, but also by caring and supporting their own elderly parents and family members in maintaining health and independence at home.

Dr. Jennifer Njenga lost her father in 2019 at the age of 94, having lived a beautiful and long life in the comfort of his home with the support of his medical providers and carers. 


He had home help, including a Health Care Aide, who assisted with meal preparation, showers and accompanied him to appointments. He loved to play the piano and his carer sang along!


With time, his needs changed.  A Registered Nurse was brought in to assist with specialized care, which he needed, but preferred not to leave his home. 


House Calls were made by his Family Physician, Physiotherapist, and other care providers as needed. Some of his last words to his family and carers were, “Thank you for loving me and looking after me in my own home.”

CHG is passionate and committed to support individuals such as seniors and people with limitations to receive appropriate and timely care in the comfort of their own homes.

Our Mission

We envision individuals, including seniors becoming empowered to live healthy and prosperous lives in their homes, free from preventable social barriers and health risks.

Our Vision

Our goal is to promote and improve the health and well being of individuals by:

  • Providing care designed to suit the individual client

  • Providing care in a safe and efficient manner

  • Using a multidisciplinary approach to provide care

  • Involving families in care needs assessment and listening to their input to best serve the client.

  • Collaborating with other interdisciplinary teams in actualizing client’s health and well being goals

  • Attracting and retaining competent employees by providing a safe and rewarding work culture.

Our Values

Our core values include:

  • Compassion

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Excellence

  • Accountability

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