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Important Announcement from CHG Management Team

With the unprecedented concern and awareness of COVID-19,  we are issuing this statement so our clients and others connected to our business understand our methodology regards keeping all around us safe. Our on-going priority is to keep our clients, employees, contractors, supplies and others involved in our business safe.

We as healthcare professionals understand the importance of INFECTION AND CONTROL PRACTICES (IPAC) and of course use the practices in our everyday activities. Please be certain of that.

Hygiene procedures are nothing new for Healthcare organizations like ours –  including the use of PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) and of course, client screening. We already practice safe hygiene – so being ready to keep clients safe is already Standard Operating Procedure for us.

We already have other procedures in place too – including planning and procedures for the COVID-19 response regards to safe-guarding clients. The aforementioned PPE  – where we will ensure a proper and continuous supply of these items. Education of our own teams and suppliers involved in our business – making sure they are aware of and follow best practice. And of course, strong communications to all audiences that interact with our business.

We are confident our robust procedures, the following of best practice (via The Public Health Agency Of Canada) and the dedication of our people will help keep all those connected to our business safe.

You can visit The Public Health Agency Of Canada by clicking HERE

Thank You

CHG Management

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