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How We Care

Canada Homecare Group is an after hours, holistic mobile clinic ready to serve you


It is quite distressing when health concerns arise after the normal working hours of most medical clinics. The caller, mostly a worried client of a sick child, a husband or wife of a sick partner, the carer of an elderly family member, or a nurse in a senior’s care facility expresses fears on how to handle such concerns.


They are often confronted with a conflicting decision to either send the client to the emergency room or wait the next day to see the family doctor. Our well-trained Health Care Providers will listen to the voiced concerns, offer advice and if required, do a home visit to assess the client. 

Our clients include special needs of patients, from treating infants and small children, whose symptoms often get worse at night, to treating patients with a disability, or helping families with elderly members. 

Get COVID-19 Vaccination

We are now providing COVID-19 vaccination to Alberta residents 12 years or older! You will now get your vaccine from the comfort of your home. Call us or book online

Medical Care

Most reported ailments include acute conditions such as respiratory infections, migraines, gastro, ear infections, fevers, urinary tract infections, and injuries from falls: conditions that, while not life-threatening, require urgent medical attention. 

Not for Emergencies

Canada Homecare Group provides medical care to patients in the after hours. It is NOT an emergency medical service. If symptoms are life-threatening, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. 

Reporting to your family doctor

After the home visit, CHG Healthcare Providers advises that you take our medical report to your family doctor to ensure continuing of care. We can also send the report to your doctor with your consent. 

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