Physicians & Nurse Practitioners House calls

Our Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are available for house calls


House calls are proven to help individuals including seniors maintain their health and quality of life especially for those with chronic health concerns who cannot access their own family physician. Each house call is designed to suit your needs.


Our Family Physician & Nurse Practitioners will:
  •  Perform general and comprehensive health assessments

  •  Develop treatment plans for acute and chronic diseases.

  • Order, administer, and analyze diagnostic tests.

  • Educate and guide clients on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Manage various chronic and complex conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, COPD, dementia among others more independently.

  • Ensure support and follow up for recently discharged patients from hospital.

  •  Initiate appropriate referrals.

  • Collaborate with other homecare teams to ensure continuity of care and better patient outcome.

  • Order new and refill prescriptions.

  • Manage complex wounds, either acute or chronic using appropriate protocols.

  • Have knowledge on various available community resources.

  • Liaise with family physicians regarding clients’ care plan.

  • Assist clients to find a family physician and connect them to a medical home.