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Welcome to CHG, a mobile health clinic committed to providing accessible and compassionate healthcare to our community. In addition to our other services, we proudly offer vaccination clinics for annual influenza (flu) and COVID-19 vaccines.

During the flu season, which runs from October to February, CHG partners with community organizations such as Africa Centre, Action for Healthy Communities, and Somali Association to organize clinics that provide access to vaccinations for individuals who may not have easy access otherwise. We strategically map out low-vaccine uptake areas and set up walk-in clinics in convenient locations to ensure easy access.

Since 2020, CHG has administered 965 flu vaccines and over 600 COVID-19 vaccines, including first doses, second doses, booster shots, and bivalent booster shots of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. We are proud to have contributed to the effort to protect our community from these diseases and helped increase vaccine uptake in our area.

We believe that access to vaccines is critical to the health and well-being of our community. That's why we are committed to making vaccination clinics accessible and convenient for all, regardless of their location or ability to pay. Our experienced healthcare professionals will guide you through the vaccination process, answer any questions, and ensure you receive the best possible care.

At CHG, we are committed to supporting the health of our community in every way we can. If you're looking for a reliable and compassionate healthcare provider that offers vaccination clinics, look no further than CHG. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay healthy and protected.

Vaccination Clinics

CHG provides vaccination clinics for influenza (Flu) and Covid 19 vaccines yearly through various community organizations such as Africa Centre, Action for Healthy Communities, and the Somali Association. CHG has administered 965 Flu vaccines and over 3,000 Covid 19 vaccines since 2020.

Vaccination Clinics
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