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Kulpreet Sandhu

Nurse Practitioner

Meet Kulpreet, a dedicated Nurse Practitioner who has been a part of Canada Homecare Group (CHG) for several years. Kulpreet has been an invaluable team member, providing exceptional care to our patients, particularly seniors with complex health conditions.

Kulpreet's career in nursing began 14 years ago when she started working in long term care. Her experience working with seniors led her to pursue further education and training, including a Masters in Nursing from the University of Alberta, which she completed in 2018. During her Master, Kulpreet focused her research on geriatrics, which reflects her passion for providing quality care and helping seniors age well in their environment.

In addition to her academic achievements, Kulpreet has also mentored and provided guidance to other nursing staff while working as a charge nurse and assistant head nurse. Her experience in teaching and mentoring nursing students has equipped them with the necessary skills to work in various settings.

Kulpreet is an excellent Nurse Practitioner and a great listener who demonstrates patience and compassion, especially for our elderly patients. Her eloquent communication skills have helped to raise awareness about our work on TV within the East Indian community.

With her vast experience, skills, and education in senior’s care, Kulpreet is an asset to Canada Homecare Group.

Kulpreet Sandhu
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