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Nick Swaboda

Nurse Practitioner

Nick Swaboda is a Nurse Practitioner with Canada Homecare Group, bringing years of nursing experience and expertise to his role. After completing his nursing degree at MacEwan University in 2015, Nick began his career in medicine at the university hospital, and later worked in the thoracic program at the Royal Alexander Hospital. In 2020, Nick earned his master's degree from the University of Alberta, and has been working as a nurse practitioner ever since.

Nick has worked in various roles in healthcare, including in the medicine program at Misericordia hospital and currently as a full-time member of the stroke program at UAH. He also continues to work shifts as a registered nurse. Nick's passion for patient care extends beyond the hospital, as he is excited to develop his practice in the community with Canada Homecare Group.

When he's not working, Nick enjoys spending time outdoors with activities such as camping and fishing. With his dedication to healthcare and passion for patient care, Nick is a valuable addition to the Canada Homecare Group team.

Nick Swaboda
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